What to look into an iPhone case before buying

We have done reviews of so many Apple iPhone cases out there but there are certain criteria and things we look for before giving recommending a case or not. First, there are all sorts of iPhone cases out there. For instance, there are waterproof cases, rugged cases, slim cases, iPhone case with drop protection, and even Apple iPhone cases with card holder pockets.

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So let’s us, for example, see the criteria for checking out iPhone 6s heavy duty cases that offer excellent drop protection. Last month, we reviewed the Otterbox Defender iPhone 6s case and we checked these things.

Material: A heavy duty case must have strong material or something that will absorb shocks easily. Remember, people are buying such cases to add some ruggedness and heavy duty characteristic to their iPhone 6s.

Port protection: The case should be able to prevent dust and dirt from entering the phone and case itself. Dirt and dust can damage the innards of your iPhone severely.

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Ergonomics: While most heavy duty iPhone 6s cases are thick in nature, it is still very important that you are able to hold the device comfortably in your hands. If you are not able to do that, there is no point in buying a heavy duty case that can stand big drops.

Port access: Port protection is important but so is port access. If by adding the case, it is now difficult to access the ports like charging and headphone jack, there is no point of using the case. It does not matter how rugged or shock proof that iPhone case is. One should not be asked to remove the case just to charge, sync or connect headphones to the iPhone.

Price: Some of the expensive ones cross 100 dollars and we are strongly against such cases, no matter what kind of protection they offer. We know the innards of mobile case industry and know how much it takes to make a case, so a company should not earn more than 50 percent margin when selling a case, irrespective of how innovative it is.

Waterproof: Some of these iPhone 6s cases not only absorb shocks easily but also make the device waterproof. This is a big plus to even non swimmers as you would not have to worry about your iPhone in case it rains. You know deep inside that the case is protecting your expensive gadget.

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