What is new in iOS 11.3?

iOS 11.3 new features

We have a new beta version of iOS 11.3, specifically the sixth beta version of this operating system. The update comes four days after the release of the fifth beta. Apple has bet heavily on this operating system, which was presented on September 12 and released to the general public on the 19th of the same month. Its main novelties have been a new Control Center redesigned and more practical , possibility of keyboard for a single hand, Apple Pay and the novel Do not disturb while driving. We went checking out the small changes that this beta recently brought out.

This update focuses mainly on bug fixes and security and stability improvements, since it does not present any change in visual aspect. As a base, we can say that iOS 11.3 is an important update that has new features, such as Messages in iCloud to save space and synchronize messages between devices, and ARKit 1.5, a new version capable of mapping more accurately irregularly shaped surfaces or recognize images. We also have a system to detect the health of the battery, after the scandal that shook Apple in the days to Christmas.

iPhone models from 5s to X will be receiving this update.

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