iPhone App: Vimeo

Official Vimeo app has been released for iPhone and it brings some very interesting features to the table. For those who do not know, Vimeo is quite different from YouTube and has an exclusive dedication to the videos made by users and doesn’t allow any sort of commercial content. Stats say a lot and last year stats (March 2010) show that there are ~ 3 million Vimeo users and nearly 16000 videos are uploaded daily.

vimeo iphone download

By offering a dedicated Vimeo iPhone app, the company surely wants to expand their success. Last week, the Vimeo iPhone app was launched in the App Store for free and it offers some very attractive features. The one that I liked the most is their video editing feature which allows you to capture the video and then add effects, titles and audio voice overs. And of course, uploading videos will be much more easier. In my testing, I found the app to be at par with the YouTube app that comes bundled with the iPhone.  [download link]

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