No 3D touch on 2019 iPhone series

iphone 3d touch

It is being rumored that Apple will be removing 3D touch feature in the 2019 iPhone series. This is what the Barclays analysts say but we think this is mainly being done to higher costs in implementing this very feature in OLED displays. Second reason is lack of popularity.

We still see countless iPhone users not even being aware of this feature. This feature will released in the iPhone 6s back in 2015 and it made it to all iPhones released that year including the iPhone SE. It was also absent in iPad and older iPhone models were not updated to support this feature either.

So what is 3D touch?

This feature allowed users to peek at things by pressing the display. This acted like right click on computer which brought new options and shortcuts for the users.

The tech never made it to the iPad and Apple laptops and in order to reduce the overall cost in the next iPhone series, Apple will be doing away with this feature. Apple is clearly more focused on gesture user interface design, like we have already seen in the iPhone X model.

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