Jailbreak iPhone 6 to improve battery life using BatterySafe

Even though Apple made the iPhone 6 bigger than the iPhone 5s, we see numerous people complaining about how bad the battery life is. However if you jailbreak your Apple iPhone 6, you can install a Cydia tweak that goes by the name of BatterySafe. You would not believe how much difference this small iOS 8 cydia tweak makes.

improve iphone 6 battery life

BatterySafe for iPhone allow you to improve the battery life of your phone by automatically disabling battery hungry features when your device is about to go out of juice. Here is its description:

BatterySafe is a tweak That Allows you to lower the brightness if you-have a lot more battery, it also allows you to deactivate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on and you select from what percentage BatterySafe prompted.

This Cydia tweak is completely free to download. Simple search for BatterySafe on Cydia to install it.

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