iPhone 4 Case: Miniot iWood 4

iPhone cases are mostly made from plastic, except for this one. As you would have already expected, this iPhone case is from Miniot is made from wood. Priced at 98 dollars (~75 Euros), iWood 4 is carved from a single block of wood and makes your iPhone feel more ‘wooden’. The company also allows the user to engrave his iPhone for an additional fee.

Miniot iwood 4 review

One thing I did not like about the case is that openings for the dock connector, headphone port, and microphone are all too small. In fact, the case documention itself says that you should only use Apple’s dock connector cable to prevent damage to the case. This means all those fancy (and useful) third party connectors are rendered useless while using this case.

Iwood case iphone review

There are 6 types of woods to choose from and you can buy one for yourself from this product page.  [product page]

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