iPhone X running iOS 12 Jailbreak

First iOS 12 Jailbreak

The main reason for the existence of the beta versions of iOS, which you can install as well, is not only to show the public, and especially developers, what is to come to the operating system, but to ensure that these developments arrive as polished as possible. possible. The fact that thousands of users around the world have the opportunity to access them makes it much easier to find possible errors or security holes. Although sometimes, these are used for other purposes such as jailbreaking the iPhone.

Keen Security, a team from the Tencent company specialized in cyber security, seems to have discovered a vulnerability that would allow jailbreaking devices with iOS 12, as one of its members has shown. Specifically, the device in which this jailbreak procedure has been carried out successfully is an iPhone X, so that it opens the possibility for other developers to discover how to get to it before it is solved by Apple in a future update.

As we said before, this is a test carried out by an expert cyber security team, so that their intention is not to publish the code that made it possible, but they will probably inform Apple about it to find the vulnerability. Since it is not clear if it is important or not, it seems that it is the most sensible, although this means that the community can not achieve the jailbreak for the time being.

Of course, the truth is that with the large number of features included in the new version of iOS, it is not clear whether it is currently worth the jailbreak for most users. While it is true that many enthusiasts can not live without it, there are not as many reasons for users with average knowledge to have an interest in it.

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