iPhone SE 2017 will have glass back

According to a photo posted on slashleaks, the next generation iPhone SE 2017 will feature a glass back. Appropriately placed on top of a document referring to it as Ion-X, the new iPhone SE 2017 is a non-sapphire glass that is currently being used in Apple Watch Sport. A glass back iPhone would bring back the memories of iPhone 4 and 4s, both of which had glass backs.

iphone se 2017

We really love that the camera does not protrude from the back so there will be less chances of the lens getting scratched.

Apple has been silent about the iPhone SE lineup that replaced the iPhone 5C that did not enjoy decent sales. Back in March, the electronic giant was supposed to release an update to its SE lineup but simply doubled the storage while maintaining the price same.

This made all the experts believe that was the only update that would happen to the iPhone SE lineup. With this leaked photo, all the experts will be proven wrong.

Keep in mind that no where in the photo does it even mentions iPhone SE and there is no context for scale, it could be the back of iPhone 7s or even iPhone 8.

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