iClever IC-BK06lite bluetooth keyboard for iPhone and Android

iClever IC-BK06lite

Computer accessory manufacture iClever has released a silver model of the foldable Bluetooth keyboard “IC-BK06lite” for iPhone and Android phones. Price at popular ecommerce websites is 3,980 yen ($40).

The iClever IC-BK06lite is a keyboard that can be opened and closed 360 degrees in the center of the main unit. You can multi-pair with up to 3 devices, and you can easily switch the connection destination by entering the shortcut key. Connects with Bluetooth 5.1 and supports Windows / Mac / Android / iOS devices.

When folded, the main body size of iClever IC-BK06lite is 157 x 104 x 14 mm (width x depth x height), and the weight is 135 grams. iClever IC-BK06lite is driven by a built-in battery and the continuous operation time is about 40 hours. Package includes a stand on which you can install smartphones and tablets.

Here are its specifications:

* Leather cover keyboard with stand – The leather cover that is integrated with the keyboard is ideal for business people with a design that combines texture and protection.

* Compact and convenient to carry – Compact size allows stress-free character input. When folded, it is 157mm X 104mm X 14mm, which is as compact as an iPhone. The weight of the main body is only 135 g, which is almost the same as a general smartphone. You don’t have to worry about the weight when you carry it around.

* Excellent durability & energy saving – Lightweight and thin, easy to carry, and can be used for about 40 hours on a full charge. Also, to save power, the ON / OFF switch is designed independently to make it smart. It also has an automatic sleep function.

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