Download Springtomize 4 For iPhone: Springtomize 4 iOS 10 downloadable on Cydia

You can download Springtomize 4 for iPhone running iOS 10. This was recently upgraded to fully support the iOS 10. The team took a while to rewrite and tweak the code from iOS9 to 10 but it was worth it to provide the best possible user experience.

Download Springtomize 4

Springtomize 4 is also said to be more stable and powerful than the outgoing version. Developers say some of the core functions have been coded again from ground up so there is lots of fresh code onboard. There is a whole bundle of new features as well that work with iOS 10 and were not available earlier.

One such improvement is to make use of hundreds of options and configurations without respring or soft resetting the iPhone. Keep in mind that there still exist plenty of tweaks that require a soft reset of your iPhone.

In the tweaks, where you had to respring the iPhone, you are now shown a progress indicator to let you know when the respring process will end. One of the new features include profiles which allows you to make unlimited number of configurations. These can be invoked according to your liking.

Download Springtomize 4 ios10

For instance, if you are in mood for a clean user interface, you have a configuration that will hide the icon labels, apply simple wallpaper and turn the animations off. And when you are looking for something crazy, you can have a configuration that has digital wallpaper, snazzy font and custom animation settings. This is one way of using the profiles feature but we are sure users have better creative ideas than us.

A lot of efforts have been made to make the Springtomize 4 more battery friendly and faster. This has been done to ensure that the Springtomize 4 puts least possible strain on the processor.

You can download Springtomize 4 from cydia bigboss repository for $3.99.

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