VIA-powered iPad clone

Granted, there have been myriad of clones of iPad till date, but this is clearly the best I have seen so far. It sports display size similar to the iPad and runs Android OS. Heck, even the resolution is same – 1024×768. Sadly, everything else about this iPad Clone is just shabby, including its VIA 8505 processor clocked at 400MHz.


Priced at somewhere around 150 dollars (999 Chinese Yuan), it delivers less than stellar performance. Any video with resolution higher than QVGA (320×240) will run like a slideshow. Oh, and the back is all plastic (iPad’s back is metal).
Other specs include 128MB RAM (optional 256MB), 2GB flash storage. Nevertheless, it is a good enough unit for someone who wants to try out the Android OS.


[via shanzhaiben] (Chinese)

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