Apple TV 4.3.1 Jailbreak SeasonPass Guide

This is a jailbreak guide for the Apple TV 2G owners running either iOS 4.3.1 or iOS 4.2.1. SeasonPass / Seas0nPass jailbreak tool has been updated to support 4.3.1, which means you can now jailbreak your Apple TV 2G. Follow these instructions carefully and in the end you will have a jailbroken Apple TV 2G.


First download Seasonpass from here (windows) or here (mac). Extract the zip file and start the Season Pass app. Click on “create IPSW” option. This will initiate download of iOS 4.3.1 (4.2.1) for Apple TV which is required to create custom firmware.


It will now prompt you to connect your Apple TV. Connect it using micro USB cable. Make sure power is disconnected. Hold the Menu and Play / Pause button for seven seconds. This will open iTunes (make sure you are running v10.2.1) to start the restore process.


iTunes will flash the custom firmware and will tell you that the restore was complete. Your Apple TV 2G is now jailbroken. Now, follow the steps for tethered boot. To do that, disconnect the Apple TV from your computer and start SeasonPass again. This time, select “Boot Tethered”.


Again, connect your Apple TV via micro USB cable. Wait for the flashing light to appear. Once the connection between both is established, bold Menu and Play / Pause button for seven seconds. This will make it enter DFU mode.


Wait for the process to complete. After few seconds, the process will be completed and your Apple TV 2G will boot in (tethered) mode. That is it. Pat yourself on the back. You have done it.

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