Robocop iPhone Mod Hack for free Gold

Robocop iPhone mod, hack, patch will allow you to get free gold. The only requirement is a jailbroken iPhone with Cydia installed, Flex 2 and of course the Robocop iPhone game.

Robocop iPhone Mod Hack

The Robocop iPhone will get you free gold so that you do not have to spend a single penny in buying and unlocking guns, armor and so on. The game otherwise is great – simple and easy to play but this Robocop iPhone mod makes it more interesting.

Robocop iPhone Mod Hack: Installation instructions

1) go to cydia on your iPhone.
2) add this repo
3) press search
4) type in Flex 2
5) install
6) reboot or respring
7) go to Flex 2
8) go to cloud 2nd on bottom
9) try to find Robocop, tap it and install it.
10) Then activate it and fire up the Robocop game again
11) Go to the menu in game were you buy gold, click on one and you will get free gold while it is loading. Then press x on the top right corner.

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