Hysteria Project 2 Review

If you yearned for a game that provided horror survival adventures, then your wish has been granted. Hysteria Project 2 promises to take you on a hardcore ride where you are the hero of the whole filmed adventure. The game has heaps of video to watch and there is significantly more interactivity compared to the v1 of this game.


The game continues from where the first episode ended. The hero must uncover the mystery or die. You (as hero) wake up on a hospital bed hazy and you do not remember what happened to you. You are surprised to see a tattoo on your arm. The game provides a great experience but the experience cannot be described as fun. So, if “fun” is the thing that you are looking for a new game to play, don’t get it. I would recommend getting the (free) original Hysteria Project and then getting the version 2 of the iPhone game. [v1 link] [v2 link]

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