Star Wars: Commander v6.0.0 iPhone hack, patch, mod gives you high damage capability and disable turrets

Download Star Wars Commander v6.0.0 iPhone hack, patch, mod

This Star Wars Commander iPhone cheat gives you high damage capability which means you will be able to much more damage than before. It will also lets you disable turrets. But keep in mind that this is linked with all troops – including your troops and enemies’ troops so do not use it in defense mode.

Download Star Wars Commander hack from here. Make sure you have iFile installed on your iPhone and if it is not installed, you can get it from Cydia. This ofcourse means that your iPhone should be jailbroken. If you are using desktop, get Filza. But we recommend using iOS device to download this Star Wars Commander iPhone hack.

Once you download the Star Wars Commander hack, install it by pressing on installer or install from the options shown on the screen. Once it is installed successfully, you will find it in the Settings of your iPhone.

Enable the Star Wars Commander hacks you want to activate and voila, you are done.

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