Star Wars Commander iPhone Cheat Patch hack for v4.2.0

Star Wars Commander iPhone cheat patch hack is now available for download and this gives you things like no deployment time and prevent the enemies and turrets from attacking you in the game. Don’t spam the troops or else it will give you an error. When attacking other people’s bases, don’t use a vehicle. It will automatically hand you a L.

Star Wars Commander iPhone Cheat Patch hack

The only requirement is you will have to jailbreak iPhone and iFile installed. You can install iFile from cydia by following instructions given here.

After that, download this Star Wars Commander iPhone cheat file from here and open it using Safari browser and then using iFile. If you are using your desktop, then download the File and transfer it to your iPhone using a desktop utility like iFunbox.

We have tested it on the version v4.2.0 and v4.2.2 and it is working like a charm. Just make sure to apply the cheat only after downloading and playing the game at least once as otherwise the hack would not work.

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