Download Plants vs Zombies 2 iPhone Cheats: Best Plants vs Zombies 2 iPhone hacks, mod, patches for free

We have a working Plants vs. Zombies 2 iPhone cheat that gives you lot of stuff for free. This includes unlimited coins, gem, sprout and what not. To use this hack you must have an iPhone that is jailbroken and have Cydia installed.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 iPhone Cheats

Plants vs. Zombies 2 iPhone hack details

Unlimited Coin (Spend some)
Unlimited Gem(Spend some)
Unlimited Sprout(Spend some)
Unlimited Sun
All Zombies Drop Sprout
All Zombies Drop Plantfood
Unlimited Plantfood (Use as much as you want, it will appear 0 don’t need to buy)
Free Planting (Cost no sun)
Auto Complete Level (Tap on level)
God Mode (Never Lose)
Invincible Plants

Downloading and installing the plant vs zombies iphone cheat is easy. Just add this repo to the cydia store and search for “plants vs zombies 2” and install that cheat. After installation, go to iPhone’s settings and find this cheat. Turn on the ones you want and enjoy. Keep in mind that you must have installed the plants vs zombies 2 game on iPhone at least once and played it so that game data file is generated.

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