Merge Empire iPhone cheat, hack, mod gives you infinite gems, fish and VIP membership

Merge Empire iPhone cheat, patch, hack is available for download and this gives you infinite gems, fish and VIP membership. For this, you will need to jailbreak iPhone and have cydia installed. You’ll also require iFile on your iPhone that is downloadable from cydia store. PreferenceLoader is also required which you can download from either cydia or sileo.

merge empire iphone cheat hack

You can download Merge Empire cheat for iPhone and other iOS devices from here. If you want to make things simpler, download it directly on your iPhone and open it using iFile file manager. Otherwise, if you are using a PC to download the Merge Empire iPhone hack, use something like iFunbox to move the Merge Empire iPhone cheat to your iPhone.

After installation of Merge Empire iPhone hack, hop onto Settings and activate Merge Empire cheats. I have tried it on my iPhone 6s and it worked like a charm. Make sure you have played the game atleast once since it patches the game data file.

This very file is only generated once you have played the game. Otherwise, the Merge Empire iPhone cheat will not work.

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