Gods Of Rome iPhone cheat hack mod gives you one hit kill and instant skill

You can download Gods of Rome iPhone cheat hack mod and enjoy features like instant kill, one hit kill and even anti-ban that prevents you from getting banned. The only requirement is you will have to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or whatever iOS device you are using. You will also need to have iFile installed on your iPhone which is downloadable from cydia.

download Gods Of Rome iPhone cheat hack mod

Make sure the game installed on your iPhone. Download the Gods Of Rome iPhone cheat patch from here. Download it directly from safari browser or use your desktop browser to download it and transfer it to your iPad using iFunbox. After downloading it, open it using iFile on iPhone and then find the cheat in the Settings.

Turn the desired cheats on and play the game. Make sure you had played gods of rome atleast once as it patches the gamedata file of the game. This cheat has been tested against version 1.2.1.

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