Garage Empire iPhone cheat to increase cash and gems

Garage Empire iPhone cheat lets you increase cash and gems. They always increase and never decrease which is main feature of this iPhone hack. To download Garage Empire hack, all you have to do is jailbreak your iPhone and install cydia.

Garage Empire iPhone cheat

You will also need iFile or Filza to install the Garage Empire iPhone cheat. Download this deb file directly on iPhone and open it using iFile.

Or you can use your computer to download deb file for Garage Empire iPhone cheat given earlier and copy it to your iPhone using iFunbox for desktop which is a freeware.

Once you have copied it, find the Garage Empire iPhone cheat file and open it. You will find cheat options in your iPhone’s Settings. Toggle the ones that you need to play the game.

You must have played Garage Empire for iPhone atleast once since this hack messes with the game data file, so it must have been generated earlier. Once you have played Garage Empire once, download this hack and enable it from settings. Your cash and gems in game will always increase and never decrease.

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