Fishing Superstars Season 5 iPhone cheat, hack, patch for no tension

Fishing Superstars Season 5 iPhone cheat

This is iPhone hack for Fishing Superstars: Season 5 game. To use this patch, you will need a jailbroken iPhone. This is a “no tension” hack for the Fishing Superstars. Make sure to only enable this hack once you have hooked onto a fish. If you keep tapping on the continue fishing, the tension will not move.

Download the hack from here and store it on your computer. If you are downloading it directly on your iPhone, make sure you have iFile installed. You can find iFile for iPhone in Cydia.

Open the file and press on “install” from the options. Once, the hack has been installed, you will be able to find the Fishing Superstars hack in the Settings. Go ahead and enable it there.

That is it – make sure you have downloaded the Fishing Superstars game from iOS store before installing its cheat. Otherwise, it will not work.

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