Download Paradise War iPhone, iOS cheat for one hit kill, god mode, no skill CD

Cheat / mod for Paradise War v0.22.801 is now available for download. This iPhone hack will give you One hit kill, God mode, No kill CD and also removes anti-cheat feature of the game.

Paradise War iPhone hack mod

Download the Paradise War iPhone cheat from here. Then, copy it over to your device using iFile or Filza. Tap on the cheat file and install it. Let iFile / Filza complete the installation. Open the iPhone’s settings and scroll down until you see the settings for Paradise War iPhone cheat. Turn on the cheat features that you want.

This Paradise War iPhone cheat / mod / hack requires you to have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad.The mod will not work if you don’t jailbreak the iPhone. You will also need iFile / Filza installed. Cydia substrate and preference loader should be loaded from Cydia as well.

This is a in-game mod menu iPhone game hack. In order to active the hack, tap on the button found inside the app. Keep in mind that it will only work on iPhone 5s + or iPad Air and above. For iPod Touch, you will need the sixth generation model.

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