Cydia Hack for Dungeon Hunter gives you Infinite Attack, Defense, Item Bonus, Potions and more

There is a new cydia jailbreak hack for the iPhone users that play Dungeon Hunter. To download this hack, add this repo in Cydia.

Dungeon Hunter iphone cydia hack

Then search for Dungeon Hunter 5 Cheats. Install it. This cheat will allow you to have Infinite Attack (MP and SP), Infinite Defense (MP and SP), Infinite Items Bonuses, Infinite Items Level, Allies maxed, Infinite Potions, Enemy Level 1, No skill Cool down and no skill Charges.

Again to install the Dungeon hunter 5 iPhone hack, you will need to jailbreak your iPhone and have Cydia installed. Then in Cydia add the repository shown above. Then refresh Cydia and search for Dungeon hunter 5. This hack is totally free and does not require a single dollar to install.

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