Crossy Road iPhone Cheat lets you have infinite coins and own all characters

Download Crossy Road iPhone Cheat

Crossy Road is a very addictive iPhone game but if you are having trouble unlocking everything in the game, you can make use of this Crossy Road iPhone cheat, hack, mod or whatever you want to call it. This cheat will give you infinite coins and unlock all characters. This requires you to jailbreak iPhone and install iFile on it.

This part is important as iFile will let you install the Crossy Roads cheat. You will also need Cydia Substrate and PreferenceLoader (from Cydia).

Download the hack from here and if you are using a PC, use app called iFunBox to move it to the iPhone. Or you can open this link directly on your iPhone and install it directly. It will fire up iFile and then you can proceed with the installation.

After installation, go to your device’s settings and find the Crossy Roads hack. Activate the hacks you want to activate and start the game.

Make sure you have Crossy Roads pre installed as otherwise this mod will not work.

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