Clumsy Ninja 1.31.1 iPhone cheat, mod, patch

download Clumsy Ninja 1.31.1 iPhone cheat, mod, patch

Clumsy Ninja iPhone cheat, mod, patch is here and this gives you unlimited currencies and XP multiplier. You get to spend 1.8 billion coins and gems and in case of XP multipier, everytime you earn some XP, you will level up too.

To install the Clumsy Ninja iPhone cheat, you will have to jailbreak iPhone. You will also need to install iFile on iPhone and iFunbox on computer. Cydia substrate and Preference Loader from Cydia must be installed as well.

Download the Clumsy Ninja cheat file from here on your computer or iPhone directly. In case you are downloading it directly on your iPhone, make sure to have iFile installed which is required to open the cheat file of Clumsy Ninja.

Once downloaded, install it using iFile. If you are using computer to download the cheat file, transfer it using iFunbox to your iPhone and then open it in iFile.

Once installed, fire up Settings on the iPhone and find Clumsy Ninja. Activate the necessary cheat and start the game again.

Make sure to have Clumsy Ninja installed before you install its cheat, otherwise it won’t work.

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