Block Gun iPhone cheat, hack, mod gives you God mode

Block Gun Online FPS Shooter iphone cheat hack mod

iPhone cheat for Block Gun: Online FPS Shooter is now available. This requires you to have jailbroken iPhone and have iFile installed as well. This Block Gun iPhone cheat, mod, crack gives you God mod so you never die.

To install the Block Gun iPhone cheat, download the deb file from here. We suggest directly downloading it on your iPhone but make sure you’ve iFile installed as otherwise you would not be able to open the file.

Once, you have done that, tap on the downloaded file to install it. After installation, head over to iOS’ settings and activate the iPhone cheat for Block Gun: Online FPS Shooter.

You can iFile after jailbreaking your iPhone and installing Cydia. Cydia will also be downloading and installing other required apps like Cydia substrate and preference loader as both of these two are required as well for the hack to work.

This will activate God mode in the game which means you never die. Another perk is that it works in the online mode as well, so no one will be able to kill you.

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