Bad Piggies iPhone cheat hack gives you infinite scrap, snout coins, unlock all weapons, characters and levels

download bad piggies iphone cheat

Bad Piggies is growing fast in popularity and that is why iPhone cheat creators have been hard at work. This Bad Piggies cheat will give you infinite scrap, snout coins; let you level up; unlock all levels; unlock cake race; unlock all mods and weapons and even let you unlock all the in-game characters.

Of course, as expected, you will have to jailbreak iPhone or iOS device to use this Bad Piggies iPhone hack. Make sure to also install iFile, Cydia Substrate and PreferenceLoader from Cydia once have you’ve jailbroken your iPhone.

Download the Bad Piggies iPhone cheat from here and once you’ve done that, open the download file using iFile. Clearly, we are suggesting downloading the hacked file directly onto your iPhone or iOS device.

If you are using a PC or Mac to download Bad Piggies cheat, you will have to use iFunbox to install the Bad Piggies iOS cheat. Then, connect your iOS device and transfer it to your device. Once again, open it using iFile.

Then, go to Settings and find this Bad Piggies cheat. Enable the options that you want to enable and play the game.

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