Avengers Academy iPhone cheat lets you instantly finish building constructions and instantly clear debris

Avengers Academy iPhone cheat hack mod is here and it lets you instantly finish building constructions and immediately clear debris. Make sure the game is installed on your iPhone and you have played the game atleast once. Then apply the hack and you will see that the instantly clear debris hack will work right away but for the instantly finish building iPhone hack, you will have to start a construction in the game, then close the game and turn the hack again.

Download Avengers Academy iPhone cheat

Open Avengers Academy iPhone game and you will find that the construction has finished. To use this Avengers Academy iPhone hack, you will need to jailbreak iPhone and have cydia installed. You will also require iFile on your iPhone.

To get started, download the hack’s deb file from here and put it on your iPhone. Open the file using iFile and install the hack. The hack will fetch other dependencies if they are not already installed on your iPhone and this includes cydia substrate and preference loader.

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