Angry Granny Legends iPhone cheat gets you infinite gems and coins

Angry Granny Legends iPhone hack, patch, cheat gives you access to infinite coins and gems. Just spend your coins and you get more coins with this Angry Granny Legends iPhone cheat. To use this cheat, you will need to jailbreak iPhone and have iFile installed. It is a file manager that is downloadable from Cydia. You would also require PreferenceLoader, which is also downloadable from either Cydia or Sileo.

Angry Granny Legends iPhone cheat

Download the Angry Granny Legends iPhone cheat from here. It is better to download the cheat directly on your iPhone by visiting as this does not require you to download any extra tools on your PC. Open the downloaded file using iFile and find game options in Settings.

But if you are using a PC, get hold of iFunBox, a file manager for iPhone but for PC. Transfer the Angry Granny cheat from PC to your iPhone and open it using iFile. Then, install it the usual way. Find the options in Settings app.

Here is the gameplay of Angry Granny Legends on iPhone.

Just keep in mind that warranty is void once you’ve jailbroken the iPhone or any iOS device. But that is the only way to get infinite coins and gems in the Angry Granny Legends.

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