Air Attack 2 iPhone Cheat Mod Hack gives you infinite rockets, trail gunners, homing missiles, weapons and god mode

Air Attack 2 aka AirAttack 2 iPhone cheat, mod, hack, patch is here and it gives you infinite rockets, god mode, infinite tail gunners, weapons and even unlimited homing missiles. For this, you will have to jailbreak the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Download Air Attack 2 iPhone Cheat Mod Hack

Along with the game, you will also need to have iFile preinstalled which if you do not have, you can get it installed from Cydia. PreferenceLoader is also required.

AirAttack 2 By Art In Games hack features:
– Infinite Rockets
– Infinite Tail Gunners
– Infinite Homing Missiles
– Infinite Weapons
– Godmode / Infinite Health 

The AirAttack 2 v1.05 was tested with this hack and it worked fine.

Download the hack from above directly on your iPhone and install it using iFile. You will find settings of this hack of Settings > AirAttack 2 hack. Enable the ones you want.

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