Download 9mm iPhone cheat mod patch hack to see cheats in game: 9mm 1.0.3 iOS cheat

9mm is a pretty cool shooting iPhone and now you can download 9mm iPhone cheat, mod, hack, patch to enjoy in-game cheat menu. You will see the 9mm cheats when you go into Settings. Downloading and installing this iPhone game hack is pretty easy and all you to need to make sure is that you have a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

9mm iphone hack

Then go to Cydia and install iFile. More information on how to install iFile can be found here. Then download this file in the web browser of iPhone and open it using iFile. Install it and find all the related 9mm cheats in the Settings of the game.

We have tested this 9mm iOS cheat on the newest version of the game which is v 1.0.3 and it was definitely a welcome update as it enabled supported for latest version of iOS and widescreen support that was missing from quite a long time.

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