StatusPeek 2 for iPhone jailbreak: View Time Battery at all times

StatusPeek iphone

The developer behind the StatusPeek 2 has made it official that this amazing iPhone jailbreak tweak is now live. This tweak replaces the NC Grabber with the complete statusbar.

This makes it useful in applications, games and video players where the statusbar is not visible in full screen and you might want a quick peek at the statusbar for missed notifications, time or battery. This is why the name of this iPhone tweak is StatusPeek.

This is extremely useful for me as a ton of times, I want to have a glance at the timing without touching any part of the screen because that may result in unwanted registering of taps. And since Apple offers no way to do this in the iOS, many of us have been waiting for a tweak that would us time without touching anything.

With the StatusPeek tweak, the top statusbar just stays there, irrespective of what you are doing on the phone. This might annoy you at times, but then just disable it and you have the default functionality back.

One of our readers was yearning for a tweak that shows battery on top at all times and status peek does exactly that. You can download StatusPeek 2 from bigboss repo.

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