iPhone SE2 eBook reading experience

Apple iPhone SE2 eBook reading experience

iPhone SE2 (2nd generation) is Apple’s 4.7-inch smartphone. It is equipped with the same A13 Bionic chip as the current high-end model iPhone 11 Pro, but the actual selling price is from 44,800 yen, and it is a product featuring strategic price setting.

This product will be the new model for the first time in 4 years with the model number iPhone SE2, but unlike the conventional 4-inch model that inherited the design of the iPhone 5s, it adopted a 4.7-inch case connected to the genealogy of the iPhone 8. The model numbers are the same, but in reality you should think of them as completely different things.

So, what are the characteristics that are actually compared to the conventional iPhone SE2 and iPhone 8? This time, using a commercially available SIM lock-free model, we will check the usability as an e-book terminal mainly from the perspective of the author, a first-generation iPhone SE2 user.

As mentioned at the beginning, although this product uses the existing model number of iPhone SE2, it is essentially a successor to iPhone 8. Even if you look at the table above, it is obvious at a glance whether it is similar to iPhone SE2 or iPhone 8. The case size is the same as the iPhone 8, so you can use protective cases.

iPhone SE2 eBook reading

By the way, although there is no announcement from Apple about the meaning of SE, if it is positioned as a model that replaces the hardware so that it can be used on the front line while existing model is based, it is certainly based on iPhone 5s. The image of the 1st generation model is inevitable.

Although it is such a product, the CPU is replaced by the same A13 Bionic as the current iPhone 11 Pro, and it also supports Wi-Fi 6 (11ax), which is a genuine high-end. Furthermore (although Apple itself has not announced), the amount of memory has also been increased to 3GB, so there are no details. As a result, the iPhone 8 is almost the same as the iPhone 8 in appearance, but the inside is the latest.

However, since it is based on the iPhone 8, there are parts that are constrained by hardware. For example, the camera only has a wide-angle lens, does not have a super-wide-angle lens, and does not have a telephoto lens sold by the iPhone 11 Pro. Of course, it’s a lot more advanced than the first-generation iPhone SE2, but it’s a bit tough for users who value photography. Night mode is also not supported.

In addition, the storage capacity is deferred from the iPhone 8 and is a little modest with a maximum of 256 GB. Since it is not a product that enjoys taking photos, it is obvious that it is a deferred capacity, but it is completely the same as the model three years ago, so you can see the standing position of this product well.

Let’s open it. Although iPhone 8 and later iPhones support USB PD rapid charging, this product comes with the same 5V charger as iPhone 8 and a USB Type-A Lightning cable. By the way, like the iPhone 8, it also supports wireless charging.

I purchased the SIM-free model directly from Apple, but the setup procedure has not changed in particular. From the concept of the original product, there is no flow that other models do not have, and this is as expected. If I cite it strongly, the screen of the vibe setting of the home button which is not in the current iPhone 11 series with Face ID is pinched.

iPhone SE2 eBook reading experience

A big difference from the current iPhone 11 series is that it uses fingerprint authentication (Touch ID). Face ID can be executed only after bringing the device in front of the face, no matter how fast the recognition speed is, whereas fingerprint authentication is performed when the device is brought in front of the face. It’s completed, so if it’s just speed, it won’t be a match.

Especially for e-book applications, reading is often repeated in a gap time, and the process of unlocking → reading → locking again tends to be repeated each time, so it is compatible with fingerprint authentication that is effective for small turns. Especially in winter when there are many opportunities to wear gloves, especially when Face ID itself does not work due to wearing a mask.

Note that the home button is not the physical push type of the iPhone 7 or earlier, but the same specifications as the iPhone 8 that returns the feeling of pressing with vibration. According to the author, who has been using the first-generation iPhone SE2 for many years, the home button feels strange at first, but it is not a big problem because it gets used quickly. The vibe can be adjusted in 3 steps.

Another difference from the first-generation iPhone SE2 is that the sides are curved, making it difficult to hold from both sides. Since this is a problem caused by the shape, it is not something I am used to using, but I need to devise another way to hold it. I gave up early and put a band through which my fingers pass through on the back of the case.

Another characteristic is the bezel color scheme. The bezel on the front of each of the three color variations of white, black and (PRODUCT) RED released this time is black. There is no problem because the latter two were black at the time of the existing model, but the white model has a strong coloring feeling that the front is black while the white is the back.

It seems that this unified bezel color is for cost reduction, but this time the white model is a pearl white with an elegant back and a matte white with a slightly different side, so the bezel could not be unified in white Is an honest waste.

Let’s take a look at e-book youth. For the sample, Ume’s Big Tokyo Toy Box Volume 1 is used for the comic, and Dazai Osamu’s Good Buy is used for the text. Unless otherwise noted, eBook stores use Apple Books.

Since this product is a 4.7-inch device, the screen is quite small when viewed as a terminal that displays e-books. The current iPhone 11 Pro Max has a screen size of 6.5 inches and a width of about 68 mm, but the width of the screen of this product is 58 mm, that is, the width is about 1 cm narrower. That’s why the page size is compressed when the comic is displayed.

The resolution itself is 326ppi, so you can’t read it if you’re scaling it up, but you can’t concentrate on the story. Since the density of the drawing is also related, this writer can read with this product, this writer is a little difficult, and the line is gradually drawn in his head. At that point, it wasn’t a device for comics.

However, with the first-generation iPhone SE2, it was difficult to read while expanding the comics, so it can be said that this product is still in the readable state. The point is, what kind of device has he used in the past? On the contrary, if you use iPhone 11 Pro Max after getting accustomed to this lightweight product, you may not be able to bear the weight, no matter how wide the screen size is and how comfortable it is.

On the other hand, this product is very comfortable to display text content. The first-generation iPhone SE2 had a small amount of information that could be displayed on a single screen, and was inconvenient for reminding us of a mobile phone, but this product is also reasonably priced. Also, like the iPhone 11 Pro Max, one line is too long vertically and you won’t get tired if you follow it with your eyes. As a tool for reading novels, it has the impression of hitting a pretty good line.

On the other hand, if a large model that is the successor to the iPhone 8 Plus appears in the future, it may be in the right position. At present, the largest iPhone model with a screen width of more than 60 mm is only the iPhone 11 Pro Max due to the termination of the iPhone 8 Plus, so it will be important to note how it will be reorganized in the future.

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