Hide apps on iPhone without jailbreak

Here is a nice little trick for those who want to hide the stock iOS applications on their iPhone without doing any kind of jaibreak. Using this method you will be able to hide apps like Stocks, Weather and Reminders. This tweak has been tested on iOS v9.2 and we cannot guarantee if it will work in next version.
hide apps on iphone without jailbreak


How to hide apps on Apple iPhone or iOS device without jailbreak

As you can see in the video shown above, you will have to create a folder that contains the app icon. Then drag this app out of the folder to the next screen. Then again, move the icon to the next screen and then without leaving your finger off the screen, tap on the home button. The icon will disappear.

Not permanent iPhone hack

This hide app icon hack is not permanent as the hidden icons will reappear when you restart the iPhone. Keep in mind that even when the apps are hidden, you will be able to find them in the spotlight.

May get patched in future updates

Game developers often patch the iPhone game cheats and hacks in future updates and we expect Apple to patch this hack in next update once they come to know about it. So enjoy it while it is here.

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