eMailGanizer Review

I own 10 plus successful websites and thus I get lots of email every day. While I am pretty good at dealing with them when I am on my Macbook Pro, managing them on the iPhone’s mail app is very difficult. Fortunately, a new app called eMailGanizer offers much better way to deal with large volume of email. 


eMailGanizer is a replacement for your iPhone’s Mail app that learns from your email filling behaviors. It lets you file emails after you have read them and at the same time, it makes recommendations for filing based on its analysis of your folders. It takes a look into your emails and then recommends folder to store them in.


Initial setup can take a long time and it is recommended to use a fast Wi-Fi connection. Overall, this iPhone app has a very simplified setup, thanks to amazing wizard that guides you through the process.

What I really love about this app is its ability to file multiple emails at once into a particular folder. This saves me a lot of time. Other nifty features include the option to add emails and events to the Calendar.

So, do I recommend this app? Of course – it is a must-have for anyone who gets boatload of emails everyday and want to make their lives better by properly organizing them into folders.

Oh, and the app is Free [itunes link]

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