Apple AirPods case with wireless charging

AirPods case adds wireless charging

One of the latest features that came along with the AirPods 2 was the ability to purchase them with a case capable of wireless charging. However this has a high cost compared to the normal model, no less than 50 euros/dollars. Now you can get the same, in addition to good protection, for less than 10 euros/dollars.

Cases for AirPods have become almost as popular as Apple’s own headphones. We have Pokemon, GameBoy and even iPod cases, but none of them is as good as the one we present today. It is a super thin silicone case that fits perfectly and protects your AirPods that also adds wireless charging, and at a price of laughter.

It is a silicone case like the many they sell, this makes it fit perfectly into the case, however at the back we have a small protrusion, which is barely noticeable, and which magically makes our AirPods can be charged to a Qi base wirelessly.

Also from Baseus they have thought of everything and you can easily continue charging your AirPods with the Lightning cable since at the bottom it includes a small cap. It is undoubtedly one of the best cases available for AirPods and costs less than 10 euros/dollars.

AirPods case wireless charging

As we have mentioned, it is a highly recommended AirPods case, and in addition to everything we have told you, it also has other interesting features:

Available in two colors: black and red.
360 degree protection and precise fit.
Compatible with all Qi charging bases.
Possibility to continue charging via Lightning cable without removing the case.
Easy installation thanks to its silicone design.
Light: weighs only 30 grams.

Probably the best AirPods case on the market, good design, quality materials, added features like wireless charging and a smashing price.

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