Reasons for iPhone data loss, an infographic

It is unfortunate that iPhone data loss affects tons of business houses and innocent people. Our lives are so much dependent on our iPhone devices as we share our life through it. Some of us handle our businesses through the iPhone. That is if a data loss situation arises, we might think that the data is not recoverable. That being said, there does exist an excellent utility by EaseUS that lets you recover your data from such data losses.

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What to look into an iPhone case before buying

We have done reviews of so many Apple iPhone cases out there but there are certain criteria and things we look for before giving recommending a case or not. First, there are all sorts of iPhone cases out there. For instance, there are waterproof cases, rugged cases, slim cases, iPhone case with drop protection, and even Apple iPhone cases with card holder pockets.

best iphone case

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How to fix blurry images with Movavi Photo Editor

Apple iPhone users take a lot of pictures and why not, it comes with an excellent camera that can easily replace your point-and-shoot camera for most occasions. Sometimes, however, we end with blurred pictures and while the damage looks quite unrepairable, there are some amazing applications out there that can remove the blurry effect. The one that we recommend is Movavi Photo Editor.

Movavi Photo Editor for Win

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Need for Speed No Limits iPhone patch, crack, hack up for download

Need for Speed No Limits iPhone crack, patch, hack is here it brings loads of features to the iOS devices. Features of the Need for speed no limits for iPhone crack include No damage, Max Nitro, Unlimited Nitro, Disable Rain, Disable Car Shadow, Disable Police System and Stupid Traffic AI.

Need for Speed No Limits iPhone patch

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